Chiropractic Care for Pregnancy in Neenah

many women use chiropractic care throughout their pregnancy

Have you considered chiropractic care for pregnancy in Neenah? The staff at Fox Crossing Chiropractic love seeing kids and expectant mothers! Chiropractic care can help ease pain due to pregnancy. Our chiropractor uses gentle yet effective chiropractic treatments. Regular chiropractic adjustments can help your child grow to their fullest potential. Contact Us if you need chiropractic care for pregnancy and pediatrics.

During pregnancy, a women’s body is undergoing a number of different changes to accommodate the growing baby. Due to the weight that is gained, a mother’s center gravity changes. It shifts to the front of her pelvis and this is not a natural position. It can result in added stress and discomfort in the lower back and various joints in the pelvis. Throughout the pregnancy, as the baby grows, the mother gains more weight and the back becomes more stressed, This causes the lordotic curvature in her low back to increase. If there has been a history of lower back problems, there is a good chance that the pregnancy will aggravate the condition. This may lead to difficultly performing daily routines and create difficulties in labor.

According to the American Pregnancy Association, 50-70% of pregnant women experience lower back pain at some point. The back pain generally peaks around the third trimester because this is when the baby gains the most weight. There are many more problems that the stress on the lower back can create such as leg cramps, abdominal cramping, constipation, and much more.

Prenatal Chiropractic in Neenah

At Fox Crossing Chiropractic we can provide personalized care throughout your pregnancy as well as after. Our trained staff can help alleviate and even prevent common pains and problems associated with pregnancy. In doing this we give you and your baby a better chance of a smooth and safe birth.

Chiropractic care is just one of the many safe and effective treatments that can help prepare the mother’s body for the experience of pregnancy and childbirth. There are specialized adjustment methods to accommodate pregnancy. Many of the women that choose to receive chiropractic care during their pregnancy find that it helped them use little to no pain medications throughout their delivery. There are also studies finding that receiving regular care can help reduce labor time.

Fox Crossing Chiropractic in Neenah has an educated and trained staff to answer your questions. We are also here to provide safe, controlled, and gentle care for you. Call today to take a step towards a more pain-free and natural pregnancy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why would I see a chiropractor while pregnant?

Most people begin seeing a chiropractor as soon as they find out they are pregnant as part of their wellness care. Chiropractic adjustments help ease joint pain and proper spinal motion helps mom feel and move better. Chiropractic care can help with pregnancy-related low back pain, sciatica, piriformis syndrome, troubles sleeping, and more.

Is chiropractic safe for me and my future baby while pregnant?

Chiropractic care is very safe for both the mother and the child while pregnant.  At Fox Crossing Chiropractic we perform a thorough evaluation before we begin any treatment.  If there are any concerns during our evaluation we will refer you to the appropriate provider before we begin any care.  We have specialized treatment tables to allow the mother to be comfortable and the baby to be safe.  Treatment is very gentle and tailored to your comfort level.

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